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From the selection of French laces to the manufacture, design and packaging – every step of the manufacturing of VANITA ROSA is Made in France:

All of our styles are created in our workshop, with our models also cut, measured and manufactured in-house.

Having an in-house workshop is a rare privilege, and we pride ourselves on the scrupulous attention to detail that our Parisian workshop offers us.

We put a lot of time and investment into the selection of our beautiful lace (Calais® lace) which is carefully chosen and cut to decorate all VANITA ROSA styles.

Inspired by haute couture, we are proud of our in-house workshop, which allows us total creative control over the production of our collections.


Address:  Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy.

Email :

Phone: +590 590 87 46 91
Web site: Vanita Rosa St Barth