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St Barts activities

St Barts activities and attractions

Try the many St Barts activities and attractions (Saint Barthelemy or Saint Barts). Whether outdoors activities on the wild and natural beaches, on and in the turquoise water of the Caribbean or in the lush nature of the French West Indies. Active or relaxing, a very wide choice is available to you. So many active activities are availables in Saint Barts and Gustavia such as diving, surfing and kite surfing, hikes, swimming, fitness gym centers, visits and tours. But also more relaxing activities such as Spas, massages and relaxation or beauty institutes. Without forgetting the nightlife with its Bars and nightclubs.

But also culture with its museums, monuments and historic places to visit. Finally, you will be able to come in by our luxury shops such as Cartier, Chopard, Bulgari, Carat and so many other luxuous shops. You will find in this page the best known Saint Barthelemy activities and attractions for all tastes! Feel free to come in by our office of the CTTSB (Comité Territorial Tourisme de Saint Barthélemy). You will be provided with a full detailed brochure of our famous and amazing island to discover all what you need to have a wonderful journey among us.