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St Barts restaurants

St Barts restaurants and gastronomy

St Barts restaurants and gastronomy are one of the finest food in the world. For example, the Saint Barthelemy island organizes every year the Saint Barts Gourmet festival bringing together the best starred chefs in the world.
The best chiefs cook for you local product such as lobsters or seashells. They are all availables in the nature of St Barts : sea, ponds and lagoons. You will find in the list below all the St Barts restaurants ranging from the small gargotte offering typical dishes of the island to the great gourmet restaurants using the best Caribbean products to satisfy the most delicate taste buds in search of new flavors. Whatever your culinary tastes, the gastronomy of Saint Barts will satisfy and surprise you with its originality and the quality, the freshness of its seafood from the french west indies.