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Jean Claude Dufour: A man of spirit!

“The spirit” at the foot of the beautiful beach of Saline opens its doors with the famous chef, Jean Claude Dufour at the helm. Immediate embarkation for a journey to the land of the senses and flavors as only Jean Claude knows how to transport us.

Jean Claude was born in Bordeaux in 1968. His parents, butcher and caterer, transmitted to him, as to his three brothers and sisters, respect for others and the value of work.
Sonia, his loving wife, six-year-old Marius who repeats to anyone who wants to hear that he is retired and Thelma, the studious, makes up the pretty family of a man who likes to please by preparing dishes from a “ other world”. For those who have tasted, what am I saying tasted, the cuisine of Jean Claude, the French expression “the little Jesus in short culottes” takes on its full meaning. I pity the translators in advance.
In short, the mind will also have body, that’s for sure!

There are many projects. To begin with, the building that will house the kitchen will be completely rebuilt so that the space is functional. The food will be honest and in accordance with the chef’s “spirit”, healthy, light, authentic and family-friendly. Jean Claude excels in the preparation of sauces and seasonings that he will not fail to associate with the dishes and starters appearing on his menu, which will also be sober in the wording and varied in the proposals. Salad, cold soups, fresh vegetables, catch of the day, and cuisine from the southwest, his native region, are to be savored serenely in a quiet “cabin” atmosphere like those found in Arcachon, and that Jean was particularly fond of. louis, Sonia’s father, native of the region and renowned marine carpenter. No wonder then that wood is omnipresent in the restaurant.

A few years ago, we asked Jean Claude who told us about his need to pass on his passion to his team and to young people in particular. Today with this new establishment, he will be able to impart his knowledge without counting the cost and create his “culinary workshop”. “

Socio-professionals can meet for meetings, congresses or seminars. Lecturers to “lecture” and friends get together to celebrate a wedding, a baptism or a birthday.

So don’t ask yourself if “the Spirit is here?” Because now you have the answer.


Adresse:  Salines, Saint Barthélemy.

Téléphone: 05 90 52 46 10
Site Web: L’Esprit