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Maison Eres signs collections of swimwear and lingerie whose style and architecture emphasize the natural femininity of the body.

Eres believes in natural looks and loves nothing more than simplicity. The brand took swimsuits still reminiscent of corsets and removed the stays; he then removed the frames as well. These characteristics were replaced by the cut of the fabric, the seams and the finishes which provided the necessary support.

The design of the swimsuits was as meticulous as the sculpture of a work of art. While keeping things natural was the priority and the basis of the line, it was also important to push the limits of ingenuity to achieve a good fit. A revolutionary fabric made this possible: it’s a raw material, in a way. And that’s the architecture of the body: molding a fabric against the skin and delicately and delicately reshaping the contours of a silhouette.


Adresse:  Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy.

Téléphone: +590 590 29 92 52
Site Web: Eres