A Hidden Gem Between Land and Sea

Perched in the heart of Saint Barthélemy, Colombier is a setting of beauty that promises a timeless escape. From its strategically positioned vantage point, the spectacle that unfolds is simply breathtaking. Your eyes will be captivated by the majesty of the island’s northeast coast, stretched out majestically beneath your feet. The sparkling islets and the infinite horizon combine in a hypnotic dance, creating a blurred border between dream and reality.

When the clarity of the sky allows it, your gaze can even extend to the island of St Martin, distant but distinctly visible, adding another dimension to this already grandiose panorama.

But what makes Colombier even more special is its preserved and intimate character. The beach, a true haven of peace, is a hidden treasure that can only be accessed by boat or after a walk along a picturesque path. For nature and adventure lovers, this hike is an unmissable experience, combining discovery, wonder and sport.

Colombier is not just a viewpoint or a beach: it is an invitation to contemplation, discovery and communion with nature. A must for all those who visit Saint Barthélemy and seek to grasp its deep essence.