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Take a walk at a depth of 1.80 m with Yellow Submarine St Barts, in complete safety and comfort, while contemplating the wonders of the underwater life around the Reserve Marine Naturelle de St-Barth. Our semi-submersible vessel stays on the surface and offers wonderful views through 24 large windows. You will see the wreck of the famous fishing boat “Le Marignan” lying 8 meters deep and sunk in 1995. Schools of multicolored fish await you there.

Thanks to the Marine Reserve, the funds around the island of Saint Barthélemy are preserved and full of life, and those who are not inclined to scuba diving will love this very educational excursion! Our friends the green turtles will be there and you may be lucky enough to spot a stingray or a sleeper shark.

Departure 11:00 am, appointment 15 min before for tickets
Departure from the ferry dock (same as Great Bay express and Voyager)
English / French / German guided tour
1 hour excursion
Capacity 22 seats
Air-conditioned cabin
Prices unchanged for 3 years:

Adults: 40 euros
Children under 12: 25 euros
(residents -10%)
Reservations and schedule: 0590 52 40 51 SBTT agency Jérôme / Marie / Charlotte Or on board 0690 32 45 99 Marion / Franck


Adresse:  Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy, Gustavia.

Phone: 0590 52 40 51