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ROMI, from the Ind-side

As night falls, a subtle perfume is released, the lights dim, the journey begins… ROMI comes to life. ROMI is a one-way ticket to Indonesia. A tribute to the roots of our chefs, ROMI brings out the culinary

and cultural heritage of the world’s largest archipelago, adding a touch of modernity and a hint of surprise. Innovative cocktails (to share or not) are accompanied by indo-tapas to start the evening, followed by a menu of satays and signature dishes punctuated by a

momentum show-cooking to immerse you in our know-how of cooking. And to finish in beauty, a menu of desserts combining greed and flavors to make you land softly …

For a 360° immersion, throughout the evening, our musical curation and DJ sets will accompany your journey. ROMI, it’s also at noon, Saturday and Sunday around a brunch inspired by Indonesian flavors where you will find our avocado toast revisited, or some

dishes adapted from our evening menu. With friends, family or just the two of you: ROMI is the opportunity to discover the other end of the world, without leaving the piece of paradise that is Saint Barthelemy!

Les Hauts de Saint Jean
97133 Saint Barthelemy
+590 590 27 55 22
+33 675 05 76 09

Romi Saint Barthélemy (@romi_restaurant)