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Curious and passionate, Pati arrived on the island with just a notebook and a few watercolors in her pocket. In order to purchase her painting supplies, she began creating logos that were iconic for her new island, and printed them on colorful, sun-washed t-shirts that would sell in the few shops on the island. It was then that the ST BARTH FRANÇAIS OUEST INDIES logo was born. From this enormous success, a first workshop-boutique opened in Gustavia, then three, all on the island of St Barts.

Pati De St Barts’s beachwear brand will make those who wear it always feel true to themselves and never out of place. Our clothing line offers flattering beachwear that is reminiscent of sunny days and joyful vacations by a turquoise sea. The world has come to a place where the real luxury is to live in the moment. There is no better embodiment of this belief than the true island spirit of Saint Barts and its logo. True luxury lives in refined simplicity.


Address:  Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy.

Email :

Phone: +590 590 27 78 04
Web site: Pati De St Barts