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Le Toiny St Barts Restaurant offers simple and contemporary Mediterranean cuisine combined with the timeless elegance of the Caribbean. Recognized as one of the best restaurants in St Barts, the restaurant was completely renovated and redecorated by the famous and recognized Lady Bee Osborn during the summer of 2015, in a “seaside chic” style. The neutral color palette and natural materials such as petrified wood, mother-of-pearl, silky fabrics and bleached teak, blend seamlessly into the landscape. Hints of blue are reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea which guests can admire from the restaurant.

A new outdoor bar, decorated by our bartenders, offers cozy spaces to relax and enjoy the innovative cocktail menu. At the Toiny restaurant, each dish is an opportunity to indulge yourself in a chic and relaxed atmosphere.


Adresse: Toiny, Saint Barthélemy.

Téléphone: 590 590 29 77 47
Site Web: Hôtel Le Toiny St Barth