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    It was in 1985 under the sun of the legendary beaches of Saint-Tropez that KIWI was born. Creativity combined with the quality of manufacture of all the collections very quickly made it possible to attract a cosmopolitan and Saint-Tropez clientele, who were considered difficult when it came to fashion and its accessories. Men, women and juniors applaud the style and spirit of Kiwi: “St Trop’Beachwear” was born.

    From then on, KIWI will be present on the most beautiful sites.
    In the beginning, Club 55 in Pampelonne as well as our Tropéziennes boutiques, followed by Monaco, Capri, Saint Barth, Saint Domingue …

    And since happiness is often experienced with the family, the brand competes in imagination to present collections each season that seduce by the diversity of prints and the originality of the models. The brand’s stylists create “beachwear” collections that are incredibly fashionable. The “Kiwi Saint-Tropez” label stands out as a brand that does not follow fashion trends but guesses trends to better anticipate them. A collection of “mix & match” swimsuits created for women can meet all demands, from the wisest to the wildest. Sarongs, skirts, dresses, tunics, towels, hats, bags, flip-flops … then complete a range with seaside accents to become “essential accessories”.

    Aware of a constantly changing world, KIWI continues to create its collections in the relaxed and elegant style that makes it so successful.
    Updated several times a year according to upcoming trends, the collections are always coordinated according to themes that are never chosen at random.
    Attention to detail, indisputable know-how and cutting-edge manufacturing ensure that KIWI products have a privileged position in the world of swimwear and beachwear.


    Address:  St Jean, Saint Barthélemy.

    Phone:  +590 590 27 57 08
    Website: Kiwi