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Karl Fort was one of the three forts that surrounded Gustavia in Swedish times, along with Forts Gustav and Octav. It is located on a small hill 29m high. It overlooks Shell Beach and offers a beautiful view of Gustavia, thanks to the development of an observation platform by the Nature Reserve.

Fort Karl is a site belonging to the Conservatoire du Littoral since 2007, managed by the Nature Reserve. She proceeded to methodical clearing of the place, to the restoration of the frame, to the installation of steps and participates in the re-vegetation of the summit with exclusively local plants. At the bottom of the steps, pay attention to a few mancenilliers: these trees are dangerous! Their fruits, leaves and trunk contain an extremely toxic milky sap. Remember their appearance to better avoid them, especially in the rain. It is a frequent tree on sandy coasts.


Adresse:  Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy, Gustavia.

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