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At Ilets de la Plage, we do things a little differently from the hustle and bustle you might find elsewhere. We operate a tranquil and understated resort of 11 villas located on beautiful St Jean Beach with a mix of one, two or three bedroom amenities, either on the beach itself or in the lush tropical hillside gardens .

Life here is very simple, laid back and relaxing. You can spend a morning reading in your hammock, have a leisurely lunch on your patio, then head to the beach for a quiet afternoon.


  • Heure d’arrivée : 15h
  • Heure de départ : 12h

Ouverture : Du 20 Octobre au 01 Septembre


Adresse:  Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy, Gustavia.

Téléphone: (+59) 0590 27 88 57
Site Web: Les Ilets de la Plage