Casa Flamands

One restaurant, two concepts: for Lunch the Taïwana, for dinner Casa Flamands.

Enjoy exquisite and creative cuisine for lunch and dinner with an amazing ocean view where you can admire the sunset. The beachfront restaurant offers two different atmospheres, at lunch and at dinner.

Casa Flamands

Casa Flamands. For dinner, elegance and romance: Octavio Lopes, our Maître D., offers a redesigned restaurant for you to discover the wonders of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The design makes it the perfect setting for a sunset cocktail an evening drink or a very romantic dinner night cocktail.

  • The design lounge is the perfect place for a relaxing time with friends or family. Treat yourself to a delicious cocktail along with freshly made tapas from our Chef. Settled into a comfortable sofa in a tranquil atmosphere. The exceptional panorama and the soft sound of the waves will add to this peaceful moment. 


  • Gastronomie
  • Gastronomique
  • Restaurant
  • International
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