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St Barth plongée diving boat

The 28-foot long St. Barth Plongee diving boat was especially designed with a number of specialized features that make for enjoyable, safe scuba diving. Its flat hull makes the boat very stable when stationary. The boat has a maximum transport capacity of eight divers, and is equipped with two 50- horsepower, four-speed engines that make very little noise or pollution. Not only is this feature important for your diving enjoyment, it is also environmentally sound. The boat is equipped with overhead shade. This is important to note because, according to a medical study, the sun is 15 times stronger in the Caribbean than on the Cote d'Azur. The boat has a ladder with a central bar that was designed for getting out of the water safely and easily when you're in scuba gear and your feet are in fins. All equipment is stored directly on the boat, reducing the maneuvers divers are required to make.

The various diving sites

There are fifteen dive sites within the marine reserve located on the leeward side of the island. Located from five to thirty minutes away from Gustavia port, they provide a variety of diving experiences, including coral reefs, slopes, peaks, and shipwrecks. Most of the sites are found at a depth of 15 meters, or 49 feet. The deepest dive within the reserve is that of the shipwreck Kayali, located at a depth of 30 meters. In local waters, you don't have to dive very deep to enjoy the underwater marvels. Many of the schools of fish you'll encounter can be seen from the surface to depths of 10 meters or 33 feet. On the windward side of the island, there are fifteen additional dive sites. These dives are different in nature: longer, more difficult to get to, more physically challenging, more rugged in character. They are also more dependent on meteorological conditions. Divers can also face strong currents. From January to June, it is sometimes possible to encounter humpback whales. Windward excursions carry a supplemental 10-euro fee per dive.

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