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The Airport

Before the construction of the airport in Saint Jean, the few planes that dared to land in Saint Barth used the gassy savannah as a runway, and the “departure lounge” was under a large tree, shoes covered with dust.

Today, located in the center of Saint Barthélemy, the Gustaf III Airport is the strategic point of entry for most visitors on vacation or on business. Limited by the beach on one end and a mountain on the other, the short runway is less than one-half-mile long. This requires delicate maneuvers on behalf of the pilots, who must be specially certified for the landing and cannot bring in anything larger than a 19-seater.

The airport in Saint Barthélemy provides modern comfort and convenience, as well as security, for both arrivals and departures. St Barth is just a 10-minute flight from St Martin, 40 minutes from Antigua, one hour from Guadeloupe, and 90 minutes from Puerto Rico. In 2008, there were 162,590 passengers at the airport, with 39,313 flights.

The management staff of the airport is available Monday through Saturday, from 8am to 8pm (closed on Sunday).

The air traffic is controlled by AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) from 7am until 15 minutes after sunset everyday. Radio contact is obligatory and must be established on the frequency “St Barth Info) at 118.45 Mhz.

The Airlines

It is easy to reach Saint Barthélemy as several airlnes fly to the island from Saint Martin (the airport in Grand Case or Princess Juliana Airport) as well as from Anguilla or San Juan.

Air Antilles Express

Aéroport de Saint Jean
T. +590 (0)590 29 62 79

Air Caraibes Express

Aéroport de Saint Jean
T. +590 (0)590 29 76 61
F. +590 (0)590 27 95 63

Saint Barth Commuter

Aéroport de Saint Jean
T. +590 (0)590 27 54 54
F. +590 (0)590 27 54 58

Tradewind Aviation

Private charter from :
San Juan, St Thomas, St Croix.
Daily scheduled service from San Juan.
T. 800 376 7922 (001 203 267 3305)

Windward Express Airways

Princess Juliana Airport
St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
T. +599 545 2001
F. +599 545 2224


Aéroport de Saint Jean
T. +590 (0)590 27 61 01
F. +590 (0)590 29 15 49

Trans Anguilla Airways


Traveling to St Barth


Several airlines can bring you as close to Saint Barth as Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of St Martin, the closest airport that can handle jumbo jets:
Air France, Corsairfly, Caribbean Airlines, Jet Blue, KLM

The “Pôle Caraïbe” Raizet Airport in Guadeloupe also serves St Barth via flights on the following airlines:
Air France, Air Caraïbe, Corsairfly, KLM


From the United States and Canada to Princess Juliana Airport in St. Martin :
American Airlines, Jet Blue, US Airways, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transat

Flying into Pôle Caraïbe Raizet Airport in Guadeloupe:
American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transat


Flying into Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten:
Jet Blue, Copa Airlines


Flying into the Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten:
American Airlines, American Eagle, Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines, Jet Blue, Liat, Insel Air, St Barth Commuter, Tradewind Aviation, Winair, Windward Express Airways

One can also fly to St Barthélemy from Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Croix and St Thomas:
St Barth Commuter, Tradewind Aviation

It is also possible to come to St Barth from other islands, such as Antigua, thanks to :
St Barth Commuter (sheduled flights and executive charter flights to Antigua), Tradewind Aviation

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