François Plantation

François Plantation restaurant transports you to the heart of Provence or to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. French elegance sets the tone, blended with Colonial style and tropical touches to create a true cabinet of curiosities that evokes a sense of travel: old wooden boat models, rare shells, and Colonial woodworking that accent a refined, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Here the cuisine is elegant and sophisticated, as created by chef Emmanuel Motte, and made with the best ingredients of French gastronomy: homemade foie gras, poultry by Mieral, as well as traditional items such as pissaladières, barigoules, and roasted vegetables... The cuisine at François Plantation is also inspired by the best of the Caribbean with updated versions of West Indian recipes: red tuna grilled with spices, langoustes flambé with old rum... and for dessert, frozen coconut, roast pineapple, and the joy of pure Caribbean chocolate! The result is how François Plantation presents the best of French gourmet cuisine, inspired by Provence and the Mediterranean, while infused with Caribbean flavors.

  • Gastronomie
  • Restaurant
  • Créole
  • Européen
Hotel Villa Marie Colombier 97133 Saint-Barthélemy
  • Tél. : +33 4 57 74 74 74 / 0590 77 52 52

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