Coat of Arms

In 1977, the national archives asked every French municipality and department to create its own “symbolic crest.” The municipality of Saint Barthélemy, upon the advice of the director of the Archives of France, contacted a heraldic artist whose specialty is the creation of coats of arms for cities and town. And the coat of arms for Saint Barthélemy was created. The complex history of Saint Barthélemy left many important symbols for the artist to use.

Several of them were united into the coat of arms, including :

  • Ouanalao: the Carib Indian name for Saint Barthélemy
  • The Maltese Cross illustrates that the island once belonged to the Order of Malta
  • The fleur-de-lis represents the French monarchy: marking France’s rule of the island
  • The gold mural crown representing the Greek goddesses that protected the fortune of a city; used since the Empire period
  • The crowns of three Swedish kings: a reminder of the Swedish era of the island
  • Pelicans: the popularity of these birds has made them the mascot of the island
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