From August 6, 2016
to August 15, 2016

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St Barth Summer Sessions

ST BARTH SUMMER SESSIONS : Ten days of great music !

Every year since 2009, during the 2 first weeks of August, The St Barth Summer Sessions welcomes worlwide artists on the beautiful island of St Barths.
Over the last Sessions, artists such as Jazzanova feat Paul RandolphBob MosesLife On PlanetsSophia Urista, and more have brought fun and music to this island, surfing on a Rock&Roll summer vibe.
St Barth’s picturesque scenery, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches makes it the ideal place to relax while discovering new musical talents.

We can’t wait to see you there!   

Program 2016

This year, you’ll have the opportunity to see perform the funky Nik West, the Rock&Roll band Little Hurricane, the renown Suiss DJ Milo Hafliger. You’ll be invited to dance on warm Caribbean & Latino vibes with the Dj Canicule Tropicale and you’ll have the chance to attend to concerts in few carefully selected venues on the island.

Opening of the St Barth Summer Sessions
on Saturday, August 6th with LE TROUBLE

Montreal-based five-piece Le Trouble is made up of twenty percent jamming and eighty percent hanging out.

With debut album Reality Strikes now firmly in the rearview mirror, they’re ready to go hard again with a new album on Indica Records. To them, the new album sounds like all five bandmates and their individual styles playing off each other and ultimately shining through. They will rock you out!

DJ CANICULE TROPICALE Sunday, August 7th and Monday 8th

Canicule Tropicale is a musical concept of DJs and rare record (vinyl) collection dedicated to the sounds of tropical, Caribbean, Latin and Afro-influence musical genres  that keep audiences on the dancefloor. 

ESCONDIDO From August 9th to 13th

Escondido is Nashville, TN based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James.

Their new album “Walking with A Stranger” will take you into their atypical and rare alt-country universe.

LITTLE HURRICANE From August 9th to 11th

San Diego-based dirty-blues twosome Little Hurricane formed by singer/guitarist Tone Catalano and drummer/vocalist C.C. Spina are comitted to organic and unadorned sound. “Live is what we’re really all about, and we try to put on as big a show we can for everyone,” says C.C.

LIZ FOHL From August 8th to 12th

From Indiana, Liz Fohl has toured internationally and all over the US.
Her music is colorful, smooth and funky all at once.With her brand new EP out, her music has already started to receive praise from critics around the country.

MILO HAFLIGER August 5th and 6th

With each sets, Milo prepares us to an extraordinary journey and invites us to reconnect with our true selves with the backdrops of ethnic, house music and refined melodies. He is an artists who subtly offers us a new way of living and experiencing music.

NIK WEST August 12th and 13th

"The Female Lenny Kravitz"- Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)
"Great stage presence. She inspires me in the same  way that Sheila E and Rosie did." - Prince 

With credits that include work with artists such as, Prince, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, Glee and special guest appearances on American Idol, bassist, singer and songwriter Nik West is a young electric bassist who clearly knows her way around her instrument and plays like she has been inspired by the funky likes of Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Marcus Miller.”

SPROCKA August 7th and 8th

Sprocka is a multi-talented musician from Anguilla who is able to perform various styles, including calypso, reggae, bossa nova, merengue, bolero, soft rock, blues, zouk and soca. Sunny vibes Guarantee!

Dj YO ONE SUTTER On August 12th

Anglais: Yo-One’s record collection is an eclectic mix of the rarest gems from the worlds of soul, 70's disco, Hip-Hop, jazz, and electronica, a rare blend of subtlety, sensuality and groove.


Anglais: Driven by her deep passion for house music, she began her professional DJ career in 2005, and soon became an in-demand talent performing at exclusive and high-end venues in NYC.

DJ FUEGOPAPI  August 13th

Max Mignot aka “FuegoPapi”

Max was born in Paris, yet grew up in Montreal. Fuego Papi (DJ/Producer) brings a new feeling to electro music. He played for two years at the Pink Iguana in St Maarten, where he helped to push the electro music scene. Influenced by African and Latin Vibes, dancing is what his music will make you do.

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